Poll: Majority Want Illegal Immigrants Sent Home As Soon As Possible, Blame Obama For The Situation

The latest poll from Rasmussen shows that the immigration implosion is being followed closely by 75 percent of the country and, not only do they blame Obama for the border invasion, but that a majority of Americans want the children illegally entering the U.S. to be sent back to their home countries ASAP.

In the latest sign of the growing homegrown anger over tens of thousands of immigrants streaming across southern border, a new poll reveals that a majority of Americans want the illegal children sent home and 53 percent believe U.S. taxpayers should be compensated by Central American countries responsible for the flood.

Rasmussen Reports found that 52 percent of Americans want the children returned “as quick as possible” to their Central American homes. Another 38 percent said that they should be processed to determine if they can stay.

And 53 percent want Mexico and the countries the illegals are coming from, mainly Guatemala,Honduras and El Salvador, to pay the United States for “the cost of handling this situation.”

The new poll conducted July 6 found that the crisis is being followed somewhat closely to very closely by 75 percent of the country and that they blame the president for the situation on the U.S.-Mexico border.

For example, 46 percent said that the Obama administration has “encouraged this wave of illegal immigration,” and 46 percent view the president’s efforts to handle it as “poor.” In fact, just 28 percent said the White House gets excellent or good grades for the dealing with the immigration crisis.

The Obama administration is definitely at fault for the recent influx of illegal immigration due to the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order, and its renewal on June 5, 2014.  At some point the press is going to have to stop carrying water for this administration and actually do their jobs.