Left Wing Tolerance Defined: “Agree With Me, Or Else”

I had never heard of Jason and David Benham before yesterday. They were supposed to have a show on HGTV called ‘Flip It Forward’ where the two brothers assisted families in being able to purchase homes they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

But they committed the gravest of sins.

They revealed they’re pro-life Christians who don’t support gay marriage. That’s all it took. The left did what they usually do in these cases:

Shriek like little girls and stamp their feet until they get their way. 

In this case, it was demanding HGTV not air the show, and they relented. The show has been pulled despite the brothers saying people there were well aware of their views.

Congratulations leftist jackasses. You’ve managed to get a show taken off the air in which the central theme is helping poor people get a home of their own. 

That being said, the Benham brothers are keeping their word:

TV show or not – we are keeping to our commitment to help these six families! #Runningthroughfirstbase pic.twitter.com/AaWBfkvwsc

— David Benham (@DavidDBenham) May 8, 2014

This is yet another example of the left’s hypocrisy – they walk around wagging their fingers and lecturing others about tolerance, only to turn around and behave far more intolerantly than anybody at which they’ve directed their ire.

The problem is that as long as companies like HGTV and Mozilla submit to the mob, this is only going to get worse. What’s truly astonishing is the left then applauds these actions. They support it because the reality is that the left is not about tolerance. They couldn’t care less about being tolerant.

Their goal is very simple when it comes to those who don’t adhere to their worldview:


That’s it. For them, winning the debate is not enough (and there are many who believe the public battle over gay marriage has been won by the supporters – made up of a mixture of political view). The end goal is shout people down into submission, and if that doesn’t work go to their employers and shout at them until they force you out of a job.

This is what is so frightening about the left’s support for campaign finance “reform” that reveals who donates to what political causes. They are not concerned with transparency. They will utilize the information to advance their agenda. They know if they wail loudly enough, they’ll get their way. This is precisely what happened with Brendan Eich.

The question is, “What should people do when on the receiving end of a left wing temper tantrum?”

Easy: Punch back. Hard. 

They don’t listen to reason. They don’t care about logic. They don’t care about being polite. They don’t care about common courtesy.  They are bullies and the only way you stop a bully is to punch them back.

The argument, “Our ideas are better!” is old-hat. Conservatives are going to have to adapt to the tactics the left have perfected over the last 8-10 years. Matt Lewis wrote that conservatives are starting to engage in some identity politics and it’s working. Amy talked about this over a year ago.

So go ahead and use their tactics against them. Win first and then implement the better ideas.

That’s how it has to be.