How Not to Gain Empathy for Your Student Loan

While I’m not normally inclined to support the idea of debt forgiveness, when I look at the complete mess we’ve created for young people today regarding student loans, I question the idea of promoting debt as a path towards opportunity.

Just when I start to consider just how bad the burden is, of having an incredible amount of debt when starting out in life is, along comes some activist who completely pushes me back into my corner.

A new campaign by I Am Not A Loan asks what #AccessMeans

I instinctively reach for my wallet the moment I see the word “access” which I know usually means, “buy me stuff with your money.” Of course, after they get the “free” stuff,  that stuff will now cost twice as much as it did before from all of the “helping” (Government subsidies).

Oddly enough, I won’t be eligible for the subsidy but get the “privilege” of paying twice as much for it instead.  My chest clenches because I know what’s coming.  I’m going to be told that things I paid for should now be “free” along with an onslaught of free flowing feelings as justification.

By the end, I will be a monster for not caring about this  really important issue.

I read further and it got worse.I Am Not a Loan! Victims of the Student Loan Crisis Take to InstagramImage below courtesy of I Am not a Loan.




Did someone assault you with loan documents or did you sign them yourself and then pick an absolutely ridiculous major? Have you ever heard of a public library or going to a school in state? This meme above is fighting itself in hypocrisy.

I had to stare at it for awhile to determine if it was supposed to support the idea of helping students.  I was not aware that access means getting to take classes in whatever you want for as long as you want.

Nor was it entirely clear that taxpayers and banks should be in the business of granting loans to people who tell you they have no interest in paying bills, which I assume includes the bill for the loan.

Finally, why do we need to grant “access” to get more social justice majors?  I’m not sure we can afford that considering their main animus appears to be demanding we pay for things.

Social justice, to the right, is often a punch line. To the left, it’s a catch all phrase used to declare themselves the arbiters of truth and all that it good.

So I went to check its real definition. Social justice per its definition means the following:

“justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.”

Hmm, that sounds an awful lot like being interested in taking stuff from people based on your perceived authority to do so and labeling it “justice”.

I take it all back. Social Justice on this sign is a perfect way to advocate for taking money from people so you can go study about how to take money from people.

Best of luck with winning hearts and minds with this campaign, Ivory Tower (Seriously, that’s the organization’s name).