Finally, Sebelius Is Out As HHS Secretary

After hanging on for several months after botching both the rollout of and the well-financed outreach plan to spur health insurance enrollment, Kathleen Sebelius is stepping down as Secretary of Health and Human Services. President Obama is said to nominate budget director Sylvia Matthews Burwell to replace her.

Burwell is a Clinton Democrat who spent the Bush years working for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. From 2011-2013, she led the Wal-Mart Foundation, which should make leftists nervous. Since April, 2013 she has been Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, according to Wikipedia.

Burwell was instrumental in closing government parks and monuments during the October, 2013 government shutdown, a move that cost the government more than it would have cost to keep them open with minimal staffing. She’s a political player who pretends to be a bureaucrat.