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Crumbling Memorials

  This was a sad thing to read on Memorial Day. We’re nearly a hundred years on from World War I, and many of the memorials to our honored dead have begun to succumb to age and neglect. Meanwhile, cities eye the space and wonder if it could be put to better use. From the …

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McCain Meets Up With Syrian Rebels

Arizona Senator John McCain is strongly opposed to President Obama’s current policy in Syria, i.e., we aren’t giving the Syrian rebels weapons to fight Assad (yet). On this Memorial Day, Senator McCain visited Syria to meet with the head of the Free Syrian Army “for a few hours before going back to Turkey.” McCain supports arming …

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Start The Clock: Jack Bauer Is Back!

In the midst of all the scandals, the lousy economy and other crappy news, this is great news: NEW YORK — It’s time to load some new batteries in the clock: Jack is back!