Game Changer? Amazon Adding HBO To Instant Video

This pretty damn big news. For the longest time, HBO has steadfastly resisted going to any kind of streaming platform.

I know as a Netflix user, I was always wondering, “When is this going to happen?” After all, watching ‘The Pine Barrens’ episode of The Sopranos never gets old.

Well it looks Amazon has scored with HBO. It’s coming to Amazon Instant Video:

Add HBO to the growing selection of programming available on Amazon’s streaming service Instant Video.

The company announced a multi-year deal with HBO to host several former television series, including The SopranosThe Wire and Deadwood. Earlier seasons of current shows such as GirlsVeep and The Newsroom will also be available, although HBO’s biggest hit, Game of Thrones, is absent.

The first HBO programs will appear on Instant Video on May 21.

The Sopranos & The Wire marathons! YES!