Texas Taxpayers To Foot Majority Of Rehab Cost For “Affluenza” Teen Killer

Remember the little creep who literally got away with murder because he claimed he was a “victim” of his parents wealth and success?

Couch’s case drew national attention due in large part to his defense’s argument that his wealthy parents had coddled him into a sense of irresponsibility — a condition that a defense expert called “affluenza.”

Couch, 17, killed four people last year when his vehicle rammed into a crowd of people trying to help the driver of a disabled vehicle south of Fort Worth. Investigators said he was driving his family company’s pickup truck while drunk and with traces of Valium in his system.

Couch admitted to causing the wreck and received 10 years’ probation from State District Judge Jean Boyd rather than prison time, as prosecutors and Couch’s victims wanted. Several of his victims have since sued the Couch family, with most of them reaching confidential settlements.

Well now he’s going to be attending “rehab” and guess who’s paying for it? Not his wealthy parents. The Texas taxpayers:

A judge has ordered the parents of Ethan Couch to pay less than the actual cost of their son’s treatment in a state-run rehabilitation hospital.

Couch’s parents will have to pay $1,170 per month. A placement officer said the actual cost of Vernon State Hospital is $715 per day. This means that they’ll be paying for less than two days of every month their son is there. The rest will come from the state mental health care budget.

Nice huh? He kills four people, blames it on wealth and privilege and then you fine Texas residents get to the foot the bill for his “treatment.”