Hard-Hitting News: House Democrats Giving POTUS a Cake

Yes, House Democrats are planning to surprise President Obama with an early birthday gift for his 52nd birthday. This gift is a cake. Here’s a part of the thrilling coverage:

His birthday isn’t until Sunday, but President Barack Obama will receive an early surprise Wednesday during his meeting with House Democrats.


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will present Obama with a dark chocolate cake topped with the presidential seal, and frosted with the words “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.”

Of course, if President Obama happens to hear about CNN’s article before the meeting — the surprise will kinda be ruined, right? In fairness, the cake looks delicious. And who doesn’t like cake? If you’re wondering about the singing:

There was no word whether the lawmakers would serenade the commander-in-chief with a song.

A birthday surprise is nice and all, but this is really a newsworthy story? I suspect people already know that the president will celebrate his birthday.

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