Obama To Be Tirelessly Working… On His Golf Game In Hawaii For Next 2 1/2 Weeks

Fresh on the heals of calling America a racisty, racist nation full of white privileged racists, the Obama’s are about to embark on a 16 day Hawaiian vacation.  The struggle of having to stay in a multi-million dollar beach-side mansion in Kailua must be tough… I don’t envy them.

The president and first family are heading off to Honolulu, Hawaii, for a 16-day tropical vacation that’s become their annual tradition over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

“The president himself is eagerly looking forward to” the time away, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said last week.

While there’s no such thing as a work-free vacation for an American president, Obama will likely spend plenty of time soaking up the sun, snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, hiking and biking with his daughters, and enjoying the local cuisine.

He’s also expected to play several rounds of golf and squeeze in a few workouts at the Marine Base Kanehoe.

Let’s hope the Secret Service does a better job protecting the President from embarrassing workout videos being leaked.