PocketCast of Liberty On FTR Radio – Episode 9 – Podcast


The PocketCast of Liberty is back on FTR Radio tonight!


Tonight we are joined by:

From Ricochet.com, Jon Gabriel and from Mr. Smith Media, Sarah Smith.

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We will discuss the following subjects:

The Hobby Lobby case – It’s big news after the oral arguments yesterday. People say the administration got beaten in the arguments but as we saw with the ACA, it means nothing.

One of the greatest (or worst?) political ads of all time

Podcasting lawsuits – Some douche is trying to take advantage of stupid patent laws to cash in on something he did not create. Our patent laws are idiotic but guess who might actually make changes for the better?

Media Matters complains about the use of the word “homosexual” to describe gay people. Apparently, GLAAD has determined this is “offensive” and Media Matters, being the sheep they are, used it to attack Fox.