PocketCast of Liberty On FTR Radio — 10 PM EST

Wednesday night at 10 PM EST, it’s time for the PocketCast of Liberty.

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Host & Managing Editor Skyler Mann

Managing Editor Anna Morris

Social Media Director Melissa Moore

Tonight will be Anna’s last show, join tonight’s chatroom to say farewell

On the Pocket’s docket tonight:

  • Robin Williams tragically took his own life at age 63. We’ll talk about the man, the legend, and the responses to his depression.
  • Hillary Clinton took a shot at the president’s foreign policy in the Weekly StandardWhat’s she trying to do for her image and why now?
  • The ridiculously successful Ice Bucket Challenge, which has raised $2.3 million for the ALS Association. Genius idea or not so much?
  • Even more about Iraq: Rand Paul called on Obama to make sure he gets Congressional authorization before putting any boots on the ground. Where do we go from here with ISIS?

Tune in tonight at 10 PM EST on FTR Radio. Don’t miss it!