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It’s ladies night again on the PocketCast of Liberty! This week’s panel:

Portrait melissa

Host & Managing Editor Skyler Mann

Social Media Director Melissa Moore

and special guests

lady k

Contributor Lady K


Contributor Ashton Blackwell

On the Pocket’s docket tonight:

  • The House GOP voted to move forward with a lawsuit against President Obama for exceeding the bounds of his constitutional authority. Is this a good political move? Will this go anywhere? And why the heck are Democrats suddenly obsessed with impeachment?
  • Jesse Ventura won his defamation lawsuit against deceased American Sniper author Chris Kyle. Was the jury wrong? Is there substance to Ventura’s claims? What does this say about litigation feuds in our nation in general?
  • Yesterday Pocket Full of Liberty‘s feature was Ashten’s article titled “Liberate Women from Third Wave Feminism.” How has feminism strayed so far from its first and second wave roots? Can feminism be morphed back to its true roots? Will conservative and libertarian women ever be the torch-bearers again?
  • Orlando Bloom attempted to save America by taking a swing at Justin Bieber — and missed. Where will this featherweight match go next?

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