Occupy Wall Street Part Deux — This Time It’s for the Environment

For weeks anticipation has been building. Now, we wait no longer. The People’s Climate March is in full swing. U.N. delegates — Take notice.

Marching for #fullcommunism from #chicago with @megmantis #PeoplesMarch #PeoplesCIimate #PeopleClimateMarch pic.twitter.com/MNYkoTdnlN

— proletariette (@laproletariette) September 21, 2014

Ummm, what? I thought this was about the climate. People have been writing letters to the editor asking us to join them on the bus to New York to participate in the march. Various smart people have pointed out that this is the most important thing ever, not for us, but for Gaia and our grandchildren.

Neil deGrasse Tyson even weighed in during a lengthy interview with InfoWars, available for delivery via passenger pigeon, but only to those with the special decoder ring. In said interview, Tyson declared, “The People’s Climate March is our last shot at defeating mind-controlling chemtrails and the evil alien warlords who control them!”

Optimism was running high. Finally the climate will get the social justice she deserves.

Alas, she is instead getting this:

The Socialist Workers Party has setup a table at along #PeopleClimateMarch. pic.twitter.com/TGxUNJz9gY

— Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) September 21, 2014

And this, behind the sign that Nein is fond of:

#PeoplesClimate: My kind of march. @Peoples_Climate pic.twitter.com/3CVaEMGAxl

— Nein. (@NeinQuarterly) September 21, 2014

And this:

Pajama Boy is all grown up. #FloodWallStreet pic.twitter.com/OmS3zDE1HF — Rudolf E. Havenstein (@RudyHavenstein) September 22, 2014

People who can afford to whisk off to New York to march during the middle of the week? Probably not a crowd to call out for gentrification. Additionally, I’m pretty sure “trash equity” is something that was just made up so they could have something to add to “zero waste.” On the other hand, as the father of three, I might be swayed to support trash equity if it involves someone with no kids coming and taking some of my trash off my hands. It piles up quickly.

Environmental justice is climate justice. #JustTransition @UPROSE @NYCEJAlliance pic.twitter.com/62NfPsi38t

— People’s Climate (@Peoples_Climate) September 21, 2014

Related, Gillette, obviously feeling pressure from Dollar Shave Club, is starting a subscription service. The woman on the left isn’t directly protesting capitalism yet. But we can see why that news might make her take up a new banner.

Unshaven armpits hurts the climate RT @Peoples_Climate: Contra el imperialismo a favor d la justicia!! #ClimateChange pic.twitter.com/rehDOwYZIb — Jay Caruso (@JayCaruso) September 21, 2014

Here, though, we get to the truth behind the People’s Climate March — #FloodWallStreet. The motto: Stop capitalism. End the climate crisis.

In other words, this is mostly just a rerun of Occupy Wall StreetWith one crucial difference.

Sure, this time they must command and control for the environment instead of whatever they claimed last go round. And this time it’s an international affair. But underneath those cosmetic differences, it’s the same group of petulant litterbugs who really just want an excuse to disrupt commerce and tear up the place.

This #peoplesclimate photo is amazing pic.twitter.com/Oc46w7ygex

— Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) September 22, 2014

Maybe throwing recyclables into a mailbox is crucial to stopping capitalism and ending the climate crisis. What do I know? Well, this. That one crucial difference I mentioned between OWS and the People’s Climate March – this time Wall Street is on their side.