Obama To Issue Overtime Pay Executive Order

He has a pen and he’s not afraid to use it…. to the detriment of all.

President Obama engages in more executive action Thursday, this time aimed at expanding overtime pay.

In the afternoon, Obama signs a presidential memorandum ordering the Labor Department to develop new rules for overtime “to ensure that workers are paid fairly for a hard day’s work.”

Let me just interject here for a second, what would Obama possibly know about a hard day’s work?  Seriously.  He hasn’t held much an actual job, ever.  While he was a Senator he voted present 129 times – that is, when he was present.  This year alone – 10 weeks into the New Year – and he’s already taken three “excursions.”  Obama wouldn’t know a hard day’s work if it bit him on the posterior.

White House aides say current rules are outdated and allow employers to exempt too many workers from overtime pay.

Business groups say the Obama order is likely to lead to less employment and slower economic growth.

The new Obama order is also aimed at congressional Republicans who have blocked many of the president’s proposals, including his call to increase the minimum wage.

With people already reeling from the higher premiums of Obamacare, this can only lead to additional “job lock liberation” and even more people on food stamps.