More Vox Dishonesty (Shocking, I Know)

I think I’ve said this before (I know I’ve thought it) but one could easily have a full time job destroying the blatant dishonesty Vox publishes on a daily basis. Today’s example is about the illegal immigration crisis on the border.

Right out of the box, Vox lies:

There’s no evidence to suggest it has, and plenty of evidence to suggest it hasn’t.

The first part of this laughable sentence is a lie, the second half is unsupported by the rest of the stupid article written by JuiceVoxer, Dara Lind (pictured above). Let’s start with the lie first.

Vox is claiming that there’s no evidence that Obama’s policies encouraged children to come here illegally. To debunk this lie, I’ll turn to… the US Government. Specifically, EPIC – The El Paso Intelligence Center. They recently published a report. In this report, they stated the following:

“Of the 230 migrants interviewed, 219 cited the primary reason for migrating to the United States was the perception of U.S. immigration laws granting free passes or permisos to UAC (unaccompanied children) and adult females OTMs (other than Mexicans) traveling with minors,” the report said.

Now, I’m assuming Ms. Lind knows how to use Google. I’m also assuming Ms. Lind found this article about the EPIC report because it took me less than three minutes to find it. So, giving Ms. Lind the benefit of the doubt – that she’s capable of running a search on Google, I can only conclude Ms. Lind is intentionally misleading her readers.

But there’s more. I don’t usually laugh out loud – even when I say LOL on Twitter, I’m not really laughing – but I actually did when I read this part of the article (or card, in Vox vernacular):

However, immigrants who arrive now aren’t eligible for DACA.

Are you getting this? This sentence is premised on the idea that kids from third world countries are well-versed on US immigration policy. And, being well-versed, would never make the trek up to the US knowing that they’re not eligible for DACA. Again, I’m giving Ms. Lind the benefit of the doubt. I’m assuming she’s smart enough to have thought of this and is being dishonest with her readers. And, as shown above, the problem is that these kids (and women) are not well-versed in US immigration policy. That’s why they’re coming in droves. They think there’s a chance because of the stupid, cynical pandering by Democrats. This isn’t hard. They’re sending misleading signals to desperate people. On purpose.

Ms. Lind seemed to know that there’d be an objection to this nonsensical piece and tried to pre-but it by stating that the influx started before DACA was announced. Another easily refuted argument. Democrats have been talking about “Dreamers” for years. 2011 was the start of the presidential election cycle and Democrats were pandering like crazy. Of course there’d be an uptick in juvenile illegal immigration. Democrats were using the promise of in-state tuition, etc. for illegal immigrants to court hispanic voters. This is a worn out Democrat strategy, but it works. Then in 2012, with the announcement of DACA, the numbers surged. It’s right here in this graph, which Vox didn’t even try to create for their coverage. Weird, right?


Vox must think their readers who aren’t conservatives laughing at them are really dumb. I suspect that on this, they’re correct. You’d have to be to believe the crap they publish.