Liberals: Any Negative Ads With Black People Are “Race Baiting”

It never fails, does it? Liberals — particularly the pasty white ones — are very fond of shouting racism whenever they can. Whether this assuages their own white guilt for being born white or looking like the stereotypical white doofus, we’ll never know.

That said, you couldn’t find a bookie in all of Las Vegas that would give you anything better than 1-10 odds that liberals will find a way – any way – to take anything negative said about a black politician and turn it into something they are certain is racist.

We’ve seen this through the nearly 6 years President Obama has been screwing up the country. No failure of his can be criticized without some dopey liberal proclaiming such criticism would not exist were President Obama as white as Joe Biden.

The latest wolf cry is over an ad the NRCC is running in Nebraska, attacking Brad Ashford, the Democrat candidate for Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district, for his support over something called the “good time” law which allows prisoners sentences to be cut in half  by getting a day of credit for good behavior for each day they’re incarcerated. Here’s the ad:


Nikko Jenkins has been at the center of controversy of this law for some time. Paroled after serving only half his sentence for armed robbery, he murdered four people in cold blood less than a month later. You can go back to October of last year to see this was an issue in Nebraska. And for good reason.

If Jenkins was still incarcerated, those four people would still be alive. 

So does it make it “race baiting” for the NRCC to raise it as an issue simply because Jenkins is black? Salon seems to think so:

The National Republican Campaign Committee unveiled a race-baiting ad Friday linking the Democratic candidate for an Omaha-based congressional seat to Nikko Jenkins, who committed four murders after being released from prison in 2013.

ThinkProgress (the biggest misnomer in history) titled their article about this ad:

What The Republican Party’s New, Unspeakably Racist Attack Ad Is Really About

Brad Thor, raised a very good point in this tweet:

He’s right. If there was a similar case with a white offender with a crime just as heinous and the NRCC decided to go with Jenkins instead, then Salon might have a point.

But it’s Jenkins crimes alone that have been the basis for the debate over the “good time” law since he committed the murders back in August of 2013. The fact that he’s black is irrelevant.

Nobody else has committed such a heinous crime after being released under that law.

As is usually the case, this is just another example of liberals jerking their knees and shouting “Racism!” with flimsy evidence to support their charge.