Jeb Bush: Breaking The Law Can Be An ‘Act Of Love’

Former Florida Governor and presumed 2016 candidate for the Republican nomination for president spoke out on immigration reform Sunday. Bush gave lip service to border security, then praised people who immigrate illegally for caring for their families as an “act of love.”

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Mark Halperin of Time and MSNBC tweeted Monday morning,

Right-wing media under appreciates how much huge MSM support of @JebBush on immigration can help him win. W/all due respect to talk radio

— Mark Halperin (@MarkHalperin) April 7, 2014


Bush might get MSM support for his position, but it would not be enough to overcome opposition from Republicans who distrust the Bush name, the MSM, and emotional arguments about immigration.

As pointed out in the responses to Halperin on Twitter, all of his MSM support would disappear the instant he secured the nomination.

But mostly, this pokes a hole in the MSM-generated lie that the MSM doesn’t take sides:

Give @MarkHalperin some credit for admitting the MSM does advocacy, not journalism. That’s refreshing.

— RB (@RBPundit) April 7, 2014