A Lesson In Government Incompetence, Or In Deceptive Practice?

For the last day of open enrollment for ObamaCare’s first year, the site is down. Down for maintenance, it says.

Today is the last day to sign up for Obamacare and @HealthCareGov is down. Duh. Cc: @HealthCareTara #GetCovered

— Hair (@SHannitysHair) March 31, 2014

I find that just hilarious.  They scheduled maintenance A) for a Monday morning B) for the end of the month and C) for the last day of open enrollment. After the end of open enrollment (tonight at midnight), legally no one can sign up any more. Now, this being the era of Obama, the law doesn’t really mean anything,

On the "last" day of open enrollment, at 7:30 AM #Obamacare website not working to #getcovered. So emblematic. RT

— CAGW (@GovWaste) March 31, 2014


… but still, you’d expect some kind of pro forma move to say they expected to have six months to get their act together. Instead, they’ll go out the way they came in, fumbling with their shoelaces.
Soon, the message changed:

BREAKING: now “has a lot of visitors” making it impossible to log-in or enroll on deadline day

— Peter Doocy (@pdoocy) March 31, 2014

Then it hit me. Of course the site was down today.

Oh, I get it. Today the site is down, so people can say they tried to enroll but couldn't, and can check the box. Deceit all the way down.

— Capitalism Feeds You (@lheal) March 31, 2014

A storm of deceit, or an earthquake of incompetence? With this bunch, it’s both.