Federal Government Workers, the IRS, and Private Unions All Oppose Obamacare

Wait, what? In a survey of 2,500 federal workers conducted by FedSmith.com, 92.3% of respondents said that they oppose Obamacare. This isn’t good news after the IRS came out in opposition of the Affordable Care Act as well. And it’s not just federal employees and the IRS unhappy with the bill. Merrill Matthews’s op-ed in Forbes explains:

[F]ederal employee unions aren’t the only ones complaining.  Several non-government unions are being forced to renegotiate their health benefits packages because of provisions in the law, especially the one capping the tax break for very expensive plans.  Those unions are not happy about having to reduce their hard-won benefits.  They too believed Obama’s promise and got snookered.

So some of the Democrats’ most passionate supporters — private unions — aren’t sweet on Obamacare either. Turns out “if you like your insurance, you can keep it” was a promise many people were hoping Obama would keep. As for disgruntled federal employees:

There’s more.  The survey, conducted by FedSmith.com, “an information portal for sources of information impacting the federal community and those interested in the Federal Government’s activities,” found that 96.1 percent think federal retirees should be able to stay with their retirement health insurance.  Only 3.9 percent think they should get “Medicare in lieu of their current option.”

To put it simply: Federal employees and retires almost unanimously prefer to stay in their generous taxpayer-funded health insurance program, known as the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan (FEHBP), rather than being dumped into liberalism’s two greatest monuments to government-run health insurance, ObamaCare and Medicare.

Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

It certainly does.