Ed Fitzgerald’s New Low: Using Son’s Illness As Deflection

The Ohio Gubernatorial campaign has been entertaining this past week.  The Democrat, Ed FitzGerald, was running a poor campaign and was down double digits in the poll before all this drama.

Then it was exposed that Fitzgerald was caught in a secluded parking lot at 4:30 am with a woman who was not his wife.  Shortly afterwards, we learned that FitzGerald had been driving without a license for years.  Like many high school upper classmen, he did have a learner’s permit.  Only difference is that he was a 40 something married father of four and an elected official.

After 4 days of silence on social media, Fitzgerald returned to remind us his son is a cancer survivor and is still doing okay. His son had previously been off limits for this campaign. But, after a few days of horrible press, Fitz trots him out to remind us of his previous health concerns.

That is simply deplorable.

As a parent, I couldn’t imagine shining a light on my children’s health concerns for my own political or personal gain. It is one thing to champion a cause for your children. It is another thing entirely to attempt to have your child’s health champion your own personal and political cause.

This is worse than the Dad who uses his toddler as a chick magnet. This man has brought himself down to the level of people who fake an illness so they can hold a fundraiser.   And he is the Ohio Democratic Party’s Gubernatorial nominee. Even Bill Clinton endorsed him.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern didn’t even properly vet his candidate to see if he had a driver’s license.  Now the Chairman who called tea partiers “fuckers,” has a real crisis on his hands. Fitzgerald has essentially castrated the entire ODP ticket.  His coattails are simply stubs. He very may take the Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party down as well.

The Democrats have a real crisis on their hands now.

With Columbus in the running for the DNC, they now have a completely impotent ticket.  This can’t bode well for wooing the convention.  How could they trust a state party with such an incompetent Chairman? 

Reminding voters that your child is a cancer survivor in the midst of breaking scandals is not how you attract people. It is how you offend them. 

Anyone with a basic grasp of social skills would realize how offensive this is to the average person. You don’t have to even be a parent to realize this is appalling.  You simply need a brain and a heart.

Brent Larkin previously wrote that FitzGerald’s campaign is over.  Only the question of the epitaph remained.  Well, that has now been decided.

His political epitaph should say, “JERK.”