Millionaire Alan Grayson’s Ex And Children On Public Assistance

How much of a douche can one guy be? For Alan Grayson, the sky apparently is the limit.

Despite the fact that Grayson is one of the wealthiest members of Congress (a fact often lost on the media who still seem to think only Republicans are rich), Grayson’s ex-wife and children are now taking public assistance because the rat bastard won’t pay her child support:

Alan Grayson is one of richest congressman in the country, but just one week before Election Day, 9 Investigates has learned his estranged wife is now using tax dollars to support her children.

In front of his home, Channel 9′s Karla Ray saw a septic leak. Inside the home, she saw mold in nearly every room.

“I don’t have any money at all,” said Grayson’s wife, Lolita Grayson. “He’s been holding all our money for years and years.”

Grayson’s wife said she applied for and received an EBT card from the state.

Grayson is also not paying spousal support because he claims his wife was still married when they tied the knot back in 1981.