7 Million and Counting

“7 Million and Counting” is the magical chant that makes all debate stop because nothing is more permanent than a law you won’t implement fully.

‘The debate over repealing this law is over. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay”

  • $2 trillion over the next ten years, but 7 million and counting.
  • A law passed in 2009, but still not implemented in 2014.
  • The White House does not know how many have paid despite having enrollment open since last October.
  • It was supposed to eliminate the uninsured, but has only reduced them by 12.5% — well below CBO projections.
  • 30 plus delays in the law but “Obamacare is here to stay?”
  • The estimated 6 million who lost their plans was a small number according to the White House, but add 1 million more and it’s Mission Accomplished.
  • “7 Million and Counting” is cause to celebrate, but ask a Democrat why we should celebrate and you get crickets.
  • Promises to fix the law have no actual fixes. The Democrats are on record for not wanting to fix the law, at least “nothing glaring anyway.”
  • “Nineteen of the cancer centers in this country, only five are covered under Obamacare,” which Harry Reid dismissed as too “in the weeds.”
  • White House Spokespeople and Senator Reid are bragging about making purchasing insurance a third-world experience.
  • Less than 1 % of the under-65 population has ever been denied health insurance before ACA.
  • Since 1996 HIPAA, all individual plans have had guaranteed renewability.
  • We could have helped less than 1% of people under 65 without Obamacare.

But “7 Million and Counting.”

That’s all that matters to the Democrats. It’s not about if it works, or if it has accomplished any of its promises to lower health care costs or dramatically reduce the uninsured. Obamacare has done neither, but that does not matter. It’s about the “and counting.” The Democrats will keep working to add you to the State’s docket until so many are reliant on them that there is no majority to unite against them. The number could have been 1 million and it would not matter. “If it helps one person” is the battle cry that will justify more government in every facet of our lives.

The State is winning slowly at your expense. 7 Million and Counting. Vote accordingly.