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PocketCast Of Liberty – Episode 4

By on Apr 27, 2013 | 1 comment

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It’s episode 4 with me, Amy, SR Mann, Bill O’Keefe and Neal Dewing!

This time were live on – Many thanks to John Grant for having us!

This week topics included:

Obamacare Exemptions For Congress? - They’re contemplating it. Republicans & Democrats.
Gun bill failure - Political implications. 90% support for one part of the bill not translating into political gold for proponents.
Internet sales taxes - States just want to grab as much money as they can at the expense of small business.
Boston Bombings - Was entirely necessary to shut down the entire city of Boston for one 19 year old?
Michael Bloomberg – Is there a politician worse on the issue of civil liberties?
We close it out with everybody’s “Goofball Tweet of The Week.”



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By day, Jay is a supply chain analyst for a company in the Atlanta area. He lives in Canton, GA with his wife Sylvia, their two teenagers, Michael and Ally and their idiotic dog, Lucky. Jay has been following politics closely since 1992 when he was a moderate Democrat. It was Bill Clinton’s lie about a middle class tax cut that pushed Jay over the edge to conservatism and celebrated when the GOP gained control of Congress entirely in November 1994. Jay also loves photography. You can see that work at Caruso Photography.

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  1. Lawful Plunder

    April 28, 2013

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    Great discussion on the internet sales tax. I mean…Commerce Clause…hello?…that’s what it’s actually for, to limit a state’s power to within its borders, as opposed to how the Commerce Clause has actually been used. (Bill) And predictably, whenever the Constitution becomes inconvenient, we here the “Constitution is outdated” argument.

    As for Amazon, shame on them. They used to oppose this. And yes, I get how this advantages them at the expense of smaller online retailers/squelches future competition(Neal,Amy, S.R). But it still disadvantages them (compared to current law) with respect to bricks and mortar retailers. So net net, I think this law hurts them. I think their support is more about buying goodwill with D.C for down the road (for future favors). But props to Ebay/Etsy for standing strong against this legislation.

    In the end, it’s nothing more than a money grab. (Jay) Online retailing is steadily grabbing market share and the states can see the writing on the wall; namely the steady erosion of an important revenue source. Not surprisingly, the Fed Govt. and the states themselves are trying to collude to empower themselves at the expense of individuals, and it needs to be opposed.


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