Big Surprise – Media Matters Doesn’t Like Book Critical Of Hillary

I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we learned money from the Clinton Foundation was making its way into the coffers of Media Matters For America.

The brain child of serial and professional liar, David Brock, Media Matters claims to be a conservative press watchdog, but really what it is is nothing more than a media arm of the Democratic Party.

Author Ronald Kessler, a NY Times best selling author has written a new book about the Secret Service and in it, there are some stories about various administrations and their dealings with the Secret Service. Apparently, Vice President Biden likes to swim in the nude and Hillary Clinton is not a very nice person at times:

“She is so nasty to agents that being assigned to her detail is considered a form of punishment,” said Ronald Kessler, author of The First Family Detail, which pulls back the cover on the private lives of some of the most powerful people in the country.

Kessler, a veteran journalist with more than 20 books about the FBI, presidents, the CIA and of course, the Secret Service to his name, says the former first lady’s treatment of her protection detail says a lot about who she is.

“It shines a light on her character,” he said. “She claims to be a champion of the little people, and she’s going to help the middle class. And, in fact, she treats these people around her, [who] would lay down their lives for her like sub-humans; and I think voters need to consider that.”

Media Matters gets all whiny, calling Kessler a “discredited author” (without saying how) and complains that Kessler used passages from earlier books in this one which makes him guilty of “self-plagiarism.”

Kessler dismissed Media Matters pretty criticism:

“Of course I used material from my previous books when I needed to tell a particular tale that is important or explain how the Secret Service works in order to present a complete book about the Secret Service. Otherwise, I would have to make up an account that was not in line with the facts!” he said in an email to msnbc. “To suggest that using material from your own books to present relevant background information is plagiarism is a joke. The fact that Media Matters … shows how desperate the left is to create a phony issue to divert attention from ‘The First Family Detail.’”

One thing you’ll notice missing from Media Matters petulant attack on Kessler is the complete lack of any denial these stories are true.

That’s a pretty important element. 

In reality, this is nothing new. People close to Hillary Clinton have said on more than one occasion that her public persona is largely a public relations creation and that the “mean” Hillary is pretty much what people get when the cameras are turned off.

But this goes to show how quickly Media Matters is willing to go to the well for any Democrat, particularly the Obamas and the Clintons. Their stated purpose is to be a conservative media watchdog.

Instead, they act like beholden lapdogs, making sure that anybody who dares to criticize Hillary Clinton is going to get their comeuppance.