Obama’s ‘Zinger’ Was An Expression Of His Petulance

Do you know how you can tell somebody has a good sense of humor? When they can be self-deprecating.

Not just when they choose to do so, but when somebody else gets in a good jab or tells a joke at their expense. The whole point of having a good sense of humor is that you can laugh at yourself from time to time.

President Obama doesn’t know how to do this. Sure, he’ll joke about himself but anybody can do that. That said, whenever somebody else makes a joke at President Obama’s expense and he’s there when it happens, it always looks like he suddenly had a lemon shoved in his mouth.

He doesn’t like it.

That was on full display during the State Of the Union Address. At one point he was speaking and said:

“I have no more campaigns to run.”

There was scattered applause from some Republicans. It was a light moment and the President could have seized on that to be self deprecating and go along with the joke. Instead the President decided to be petulant. The screen grab below shows just how pissed he was that anybody dared to make a joke at his expense:


He then went on to say, “I know, cause I won both of them” with that in

I won. This is not the first time he has reiterated that he won the last two elections. We know this. Everybody there knew this. The President was not making some illuminating point.

He managed a smiled a few seconds later but it was only after the sycophants on the Democrat side of the aisle whooped with applause.  You can watch for yourself. Go to 57:22

Of course, reaction from sycophants outside Congress were also out in full force. E! Online called what Obama did a “sick burn” and Chris Cilliza of The Washington Post practically need smelling salts and a fainting chair over it. He even re-tweeted this lameness:

Not funny.

Obama’s reaction would have been the same if he just said, “Nyahh nyahh! I won!”

This was not the first time nor will it be the last time the President reacts like this. He allows these flashes of anger to show just how thin-skinned he really is and it’s easy to see how he can’t seem to work with people even within in his own party.

It doesn’t bode well for the next two years when the President won’t have Harry Reid acting as his de-facto veto pen.