John Boehner Will Still Be Speaker: Political Realities Are What They Are

I often criticize the left (justifiably) for going into fits of rage over…..well, almost anything. It’s what the left does best. Reason, being rational, intelligent discussion and well thought out arguments are foreign concepts to most on the left. I wrote over a year ago about the difficulties of engaging in discussion with people who are always attacking motives as opposed to debating the merits of an issue.

“You don’t oppose The Affordable Care Act because you think it is bad legislation. You oppose it because Barack Obama is black!”

This is common.

It’s unfortunate that some on the right have seen fit to take up the same tactics especially as it relates to fellow conservatives. This is especially true when it comes to issues such as who will be elected Speaker of the House and 2016 presidential candidates.

John Boehner is the Speaker of The House and he will be at the end of the week. That is just a political reality. He has the support he needs among the GOP caucus and after a few days, nobody will be talking about it. But that has not stopped some from railing about it and railing against people who remind them that Louie Gohmert is not going to be the next Speaker.

I have been critical of John Boehner on these pages and I have been supportive of him. He has a very difficult job that requires a mixture of political savvy along with a “I will effing destroy you!” type mentality as well. He’s not the perfect Speaker of The House but then again, nobody would be, not even Trey Gowdy.

At the same time this does not make me some squish who just wants to see RINO’s in power all the live long day while I sit back in my GOP Establishment robe, smoking a pipe filled with the entrails of Tea Partiers that I have left in my wake. However, that is the reaction I sometimes get.

It’s similar to the reaction received when reminding people that Ben Carson is not going to be President. It doesn’t mean that I dislike the man. Nor does it mean that I support Chris Christie or Jeb Bush which has become the common refrain when I express the notion that I don’t want to make President, a man who’s only credentials are that he gave a great speech in front of President Obama.

Don’t get me wrong. Such silliness is not relegated only to the more conservative, activist wing of the conservative movement. The “establishment”, “practical politicking” types can be just as bad at getting their panties in a wad when they don’t get their way. The mere mention of Justin Amash or Ted Cruz will send some of them into a spittle-flecked incoherent rage.

My favorite is when the offer up the condescending, “Look, we know what it takes to win,” claptrap.

Sure. Just ask President McCain or President Romney.

You don’t like Justin Amash, fine. You know who does like him? His constituents.  It shows since he won his race by 19 points. If you’re all about the “winning” then embrace it. Don’t whine about him just because he doesn’t vote the way you want him to on every issue. In addition, saying things like Ted Cruz is “bad for the party” is just silly. That’s a reality.

Disagreement and debate is a great thing. I don’t want to be a mindless drone, marching in lockstep with everybody else, especially as it relates to how the country is run.

That said, there are political realities that have to, at times, just be accepted. Choosing battles wisely will work out in the long run. Kamikaze attacks are great theater but usually do not result in much change.