Harry Reid Owns Mitch McConnell On DHS Funding

Hell hath no fury like Harry Reid as the minority leader?

Seems that way. Earlier today, the House of Representatives passed a “clean” DHS funding bill, stripping any language related to the executive amnesty immigration plans President Obama cannot even carry out, thanks to the ruling of a federal judge.

Passage was greeted with anger from conservatives across social media and within the GOP caucus within the House because it was viewed as another case of the GOP capitulating to the Democrats and Obama without even bothering to put up a fight.

Mighty different tone from the one Republicans took last winter after they had secure complete control of Congress. Funding for DHS was only approved through February specifically because the GOP wanted to use it as leverage against Obama to move him on executive amnesty.

Before anything had even been done, Mitch McConnell was yapping about “not shutting the government down” with Ace of Spades alum Gabe Malor hilariously attempting to write off McConnell’s blather as “good messaging.”

In fairness to Speaker John Boehner, this one really is not on him. If you’re going to point fingers, point them at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Boehner was pissed when McConnell attempted to shift things to Boenher when he said, “We’re stuck. The Speaker was not having it and told the Senate to “…get off their ass…” and do something:

Alas, McConnell instead of invoking the nuclear option which Harry Reid certainly would have done, capitulated instead to Reid, giving him and Democrats a clean funding bill. McConnell, thinking he had gotten over on Reid assumed he would be open to allowing the two different bills from the Senate and the House go to a conference to iron out the details.

Reid said, “Not a chance.” Reid basically told McConnell to that nothing would happen unless he got a clean bill from the House.

Democrats blocked the DHS funding bill three times. Harry Reid told Mitch McConnell that anything less than a clean bill from the House was going down.

Who’s in charge here?

Naturally, after the House bill passed, the same tired arguments were put forth by those seemingly put off by the ones complaining that the GOP had blown it again. These arguments come in two flavors. First flavor is Dripping Condescension:

“Oh right, I forgot Only the TRUE conservatives are the ones who care about these things.”

Next flavor is Astonished Questioning:

“But what are they supposed to do as long as Barack Obama is President?”

Both are really irrelevant particularly the latter. What the GOP needs to do is go out and make their case.  Invoke the nuclear option, get the bill passed and when Obama vetoes it, make the case that he wants money for something a federal judge already said he legally cannot do.

“Oh but Republicans will get blamed!” At first, yes. But so what? They have to go out there and make the case. It can be done. But it’s up to the GOP leadership to show some fortitude and not get played by a guy who is in the minority.

As for those who are lashing out at groups like The Senate Conservatives, Freedomworks and Heritage Action for speaking out against this, don’t blame them. They were not the ones making promises they couldn’t keep. There is a very simple solution for Republicans:

A. Stop making promises you cannot keep. 

B. Stop making promises.