Fake Homophobia & The Noble Lie: The New “Fake But Accurate”



Give credit to the American left: they have impeccably mastered the art of being utterly shameless.

Do you remember the story of the lesbian waitress, Dayna Morales, who allegedly got stiffed on a tip by a bigoted couple? And how it eventually came out that she concocted the whole thing out of thin air? Yeah, well, this past week’s latest incident of fake viral homophobia makes that look practically innocent.

In a nutshell, what happened was this: two radio hosts in Long Island decided to spike their ratings by forging a fake RSVP to a child’s birthday party. According to the fictitious account, the mother of one of the guests wrote a homophobic screed on the back of the invitation, addressed to the birthday girl’s two homosexual parents. The story quickly went viral and was picked up by Huffington Post, Jezebel, and all the usual suspects.

It blazed its merry way across the Internet until the two hosts came clean and said, “Whoops, actually we just made that up. Our bad.”

Let’s pass over the actions and motivations of the two radio jackholes who fabricated this whole sorry mess in the first place. One would have hoped that — so soon after L’Affaire Dayna Morales – the media would have exercised a little more skepticism before blindly running this story, if only to cover their own backsides in case it blew up (which it did).

Nope, that didn’t happen. And it wasn’t even that they swallowed it in an excess of credulity either. No, it was far worse! Jezebel reporter Lindy West admitted in her piece that it sounded fake to her, but she covered it anyway!

Of course, this note could be a fake just to get us all frothing and get this radio station’s name in the news. It kind of seems fake. What modern homophobe actually puts “lifestyle” in scare-quotes? Too on-the-nose, man. Also, who names their kid “Tommy” in the 21st century? Shoulda gone with “Bragen,” imo.

But, fake or not, “Beth”‘s homophobic mindset is real and common and gross. So froth away.

This is not just gross journalistic malfeasance at play here. Episodes such as this one are sterling examples of the classic left-wing tactic of the “noble lie.”

First formulated by the socialist thinker Georges Sorel, the “noble lie” was devised to address the problem of Karl Marx’s projections about economics and societal trends not coming to fruition. For Sorel, such details were unimportant. As long as people believed what Marx wrote to be true, they could be rallied to revolutionary action. Pillars of left-wing ideology were to be transformed from statements of objective fact into tenets of a new socialist faith.

Sorel’s intellectual heirs in America have defaulted to this tactic time and again. Rachael Carson’s Silent Spring is riddled with faulty math and shady logic. It doesn’t matter, because they served the pre-arrived conclusions and goals of the burgeoning environmentalist left. The same holds true for Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). It hardly matters to the left if the Earth is actually warming or cooling — or if humans are indeed having an adverse effect on the environment. As long as concern for the state of the planet serves as the impetus to push through long-dreamed economic controls on industry and commerce, AGW serves it purpose.

And who can forget the forged Texas Air National Guard documents that surfaced right before the 2004 election? To liberals, it was important that the public view George W. Bush as privileged draft-dodger, so the fake records were reported without proper vetting. And then, once it came to light that they were transparent forgeries, the documents were defended as being “fake but accurate.”

We are seeing the exact same thing here. The only difference is that this time the lie is at the service of the gay rights movement, and no “inconvenient truth” can be allowed to interfere with the left’s agenda.

“So what if this was fake?!” the liberals cry. “We know that this is how people who believe homosexuality is immoral really think! It’s all bigotry at its core!”

The question is, “What grand political purpose do these kinds of lies  and aspersions serve?”

The answer is this: the American left seeks to win the battle of same-sex marriage and the normalization of homosexuality by casting its opponents outside the pale of respectable opinion.

Americans take freedom of expression and public discourse very seriously, but only up to a certain point. Because of the history of entrenched racism in the South and the steps that had to be taken in the Civil Rights Era to uproot it — any point of view that is considered to be rooted in bigotry is deemed automatically invalid. Moreover, the individual or group espousing that view is considered a societal pariah, cut off from any kind of meaningful participation in public affairs.

The First Amendment still protects their ability to say what they will, but the political and cultural shunning that occurs is as effective in limiting their capacity to engage in politics as a jail cell.

Therefore, it does not matter to the left and their fellow travelers in the gay rights movement what the actual motivations are of their fellow citizens who desire to keep marriage as it has always been: between one man and one woman. All that matters to them is establishing that their viewpoint is the sole legitimate option. If by fair means or foul they can inculcate the myth that opposition to same-sex marriage is motivated by nothing more than hatred and bigotry, then according to our present set of rules, they win by default.

This is not the attitude of a movement that seeks a society governed by openness and toleration. This is a attitude of committed partisans who want nothing else than to reshape society into their own image and likeness, regardless of what anyone else may or may not desire. If the path to power involves running roughshod over the good faith and honest dialogue that undergirds our republican system of government, then — in their eyes — so be it!

When it comes to gender politics and the homosexual agenda, the left is not interested in compromise or coexistence.

Their sole goal in all this is the complete societal ostracization of any viewpoint that differs from their ideology of sexual Marxism.

A Burkean and an avowed federalist, Mike Gannon stands opposed to levelers, Leviathans, Jacobins, ideologues, and innovators. He believes that liberty is best defended by firm faith, strong families, a rigorous social order, and a healthy sense of tradition. Mike lives and writes in rural Virginia. You can follow him on Twitter and find his personal blog at Distracted Catholic.


  1. Shawn Smith said:

    The gay privileges movement is built upon a series of lies that are discarded and forgotten the moment they’ve outlived their usefulness.

    Heterosexual AIDS epidemic? Not in America. 1 in 1o are gay? Try more like 2-3%. Matt Shepherd was a martyr for gay privileges? Nope. Meth dealer in a transaction that went bad. Gay “marriages” are just like real ones? Nope. Even in “committed” relationships, gay men have numerous outside partners. Not exactly a safe, stable home environment.

    • Skyler Mann said:

      Wait. It’s 2014 and you seriously think that only gay people get AIDS? I recommend that you peruse information from the CDC, multiple scientific journals, or how about you ask all the straight people dying from this disease if the virus distinguishes its victims based on sexual orientation.

      And you seriously think that every single gay man is a libertine? A blanket statement about whatever percentage of the population is leftist collectivism at its worst. Yes, please gather a diverse group of people — with different personalities, upbringings, and the whole nine — and tell me more about every single one of them. You remind me of liberals who march behind the banner of “every conservative is racist!!!1″

      Real talk: comments like yours make me lose even more faith in humanity.

      • Shawn Smith said:

        Wow, did I say “only gay people get AIDS”? I don’t remember saying that. I . . . Wait, let me check my comments above.

        Why no, no I didn’t say that. I said there was no heterosexual AIDS epidemic in America. In America, unless you’re part of a few clearly defined risk groups, AIDS is not something you have to be terribly worried about. You *might* be struck by lightning or killed by terrorists, but statistically, neither of these is especially likely either.

        Did I say each and every homosexual is a libertine? Why no, I didn’t say that either. I made a generalization. On the whole gay men are much more promiscuous than straight people, even when in a “committed” relationship. Are you really going to make me pull statistics here? Are there exceptions? Probably. But we can’t make social policy based on exceptions. We have to make policy & laws based on the rules.

        Real talk: Vicious little creeps like you who have to distort every single word their opponents say in order to make their point make me sick.

  2. mondolibre said:

    “Homophobic screed”?

    Despite being fake, it looks like a reasonable response stating the respondents honest beliefs to me. If you don’t want me to respond don’t ask for a response.

    Guess I’m a “homophobe”.

    • ChildofELOHIM said:

      The Living GOD is HOMOPHOBE #1!! Just ask the fine citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah!!!

      Being PC will be hazardous to one’s health!!

  3. AngryJhon said:

    I agree that this whole situation is ridiculous, but I think you are reaching a bit with this sexual Marxism thing. I don’t understood how ones sexual preference qualifies them for a political agenda. As for the homosexual agenda? Yes, I think any agenda in which a group of people are demanding equal treatment and fighting against discrimination based on their sexual preference, is an agenda I can support.

    • ChildofELOHIM said:

      Dear AngryJhon:

      It is not very impressive when one states ever so “boldly” that they will stand up and challenge the WORD of the GOD Almighty!!

      The question is, will you be so bold when you stand before the White Throne Judgement and Y’SHUA pronounces judgement upon you??!!

      For the sake of discussion, please base all your responses upon the Scripture of the King James Bible!!


      At this point you are only annoyed; and for your sake, I hope you will postpone your anger until “after’ you have received sentencing!! Trust me, it is in “your” best interests!!!!

    • Shawn Smith said:

      Do you support gays suing to destroy businesses of people who would rather not participate in homosexual “weddings”? When they decide they’ve finally gotten enough traction to move onto suing churches who would rather not participate, will you support that as well? Don’t say it won’t happen; it already is happening in England. It will happen here as well.

  4. heatpacker said:

    Leftism is the True Faith for Progressives, who are as rabid about expanding their cultural, economic and political hegemony as the fiercest Jihadi. How do Progressives respond when their pretenses are challenged? By treating the challenger as a heretic, a violator of the natural order, and an enemy of goodness and light. If the challenger is prominent enough to warrant public humiliation (as a lesson to others who might be tempted) an ad hoc PC Council of Inquisition is formed to make the challenger suffer. Modern Progressivism has many similarities to the Medieval Church, but they wouldn’t agree with that assessment, of course. The Church was wrong, and they are right.

  5. Lawful Plunder said:

    The battle over societal acceptance/social norms/what constitutes immoral behavior ain’t beanbag. And yes, this is an example of the pro-gay forces fighting “dirty”, but social conservatives didn’t fight any “fairer” in their efforts to ostracize homosexuals, so I just accept it as inevitable. Unfortunate, but inevitable.

    As for social media in general, they just want eyeballs. Whether they get they story exactly right, that’s a decidedly secondary concern. Being 1st w/ the most interesting/salacious stories is what it’s all about. If you’ve been had, oh well… on to the next story.

    • ChildofELOHIM said:

      Dear Friend:

      This is not at all about “societal acceptance”!!! However, it is all about whether or not one will submit to the WORD of GOD!!!???

      Will you submit to the WORD or are you prepared to stand against HIM???!!!

      • Skyler Mann said:

        One of the worst conceits of Man is his belief that he is capable of truly knowing what G-d wants — and that he can carry out judgment on G-d’s behalf. As a religious person myself, I err on the side of humility and mercy.

        • ChildofELOHIM said:

          All through the the KJV sodomy is, soundly … condemned!! GOD destroyed … Sodom and Gomorrah for that practice!!

          However, do you really think a “just” GOD would ever hold anyone responsible for a “doctrine” that a person is totally unable to understand!!! We are speaking of one’s “eternal” destination, correct!!??

          Finally, and I do wish to thank you for your comments; however, please show everyone where in the KJV of the Bible the ‘prohibition’ “against” sodomy was ever lifted by GOD, HIMSELF; Book/Chapter/Verse; and do forgive me, but I wish to see the WORD of GOD stating that that prohibition against “sodomy” has been lifted … and not someone’s opinion????!!!!

          For one to “plan” to stand before the ‘all knowing” GOD and claim some level of ignorance regarding HIS WORD … will “not” spare one from HIS Eternal Judgment!! HE does know your thoughts and proclivities far, far better than even one knows their self!!!!

        • Skyler Mann said:

          If you actually took the time to read my comment, you would notice I didn’t say anything about sodomy. If it is the case that G-d casts eternal judgment against homosexuals, then we will only know we reach the next world.

          Allow me to tell you a brief story from the Talmud that expresses my take on how one should truly treat others in this world. One day, a pagan approached Rabbi Hillel and the pagan told Hillel that he would convert to Judaism if the Rabbi could teach him the entire Torah as he stood on one foot. Rabbi Hillel responded with the following: “What is hateful to yourself, do not do to your fellow man. That is the entire Torah. The rest is commentary.” Unless my memory fails me, Jesus referred to this same concept as The Golden Rule.

          It’s Man’s role to be good to one another in this world. Only G-d is the True Judge — not you, not me, nor any other mere mortal. Treat your fellow man with the same kindness and mercy that G-d has shown you. I have nothing more to say.

        • ChildofELOHIM said:

          You have nothing “more” to say … “you” … haven’t said … anything, yet??!!

          Moreover, you didn’t even attempt to provide a responsive answer!! This tells everyone that “you” have no “Biblical” response …. “whatsoever”!!!

          My friend, if your plan is to go before the ‘all knowing’ GOD with the response: ‘I just didn’t know YOUR expectations for man / me!!’ Or: ‘I just didn’t understand YOUR expectations for man / me!’ Then my friend I feel very, very sorry for “you”!!! And under the present circumstances, I just have to ask: Where do you plan to spend … eternity; and, where do “you” plan to lead those that you only claim to care about?????!!!!!

          The Jewish people, the blood brethren of Y’SHUA, the chosen ones of GOD, have been seeking and receiving HIS counsel for 1,000′s of years and even well before the Gentiles!!!

          So, if “you” or anyone else claims to be truly [I will be most charitable] “unknowing” then “petition” the Son of the GOD of Israel!!! However, don’t “feign” … ignorance; “your” eternal existence does hang in the balance … and I don’t wish to see you “found wanting”!!!

          And for you to advise anyone to “wait” to stand before that White Throne Judgment … before you or anyone else decides to seek counsel is “not” a plan!!! And especially for one that is among, again, the “chosen” of the FATHER!!!!

          Finally, this ‘wait and see’ technique of yours, do you use it at your job … or do you prepare yourself … beforehand!!

          How about the birthdays or significant days of individuals that you care about … do you wait until you arrive to see what others have brought … or do you prepare beforehand!!

          How about school … did you make it your personal business to “confirm” what were the “requirements” of the class / program … or did you just show-up on some certain day … and just kind of “hoped” that by “chance” you would be prepared???!!! Please provide a responsive answer!!!

          When you tell me “noble” stories … you are telling everyone that “you” have no Biblical response!!

          And if you “don’t: have a “Biblical” response … just be honest enough to state so!!!

        • ChildofELOHIM said:

          Let the record reflect that Day One has passed … and Skyler Mann … has absolutely nothing from the Scripture to support her very sad and tragic position!!

          And everyone should be most aware, Skyler is “not” following the Golden Rule of Scripture … Skyler … she embraces the ‘Live and Let Live’ or rather what should be ‘Die and Let Die of the World’ creed!!!

          Moreover, she as being, possibly, Jewish wishes to separate herself from the “only” One that is able to deliver her from the infinite wrath of the Holy FATHER through HIS only begotten Son, Y’SHUA; WHOM is better known via the KJV of the Bible as, CHRIST JESUS, the Second PERSON of the Godhead!!!

          Slyler, be mindful of the, consecutive, Four Blood Moons that “are” coming!!! GOD’s judgement “is” coming!!

          Will “you” be an advocate for the FATHER … or continue to be the advocate for the Evil one … under the guise of being PC???!!!

          For “your” own good and the good and well-being of those that you only claim to care for: Accept the Jewish Messiah, Y’SHUA and repent of of your sins, Skyler!!!

          Being a child of Abraham will “not” deliver you from the wrath of the Lamb!!!

        • ChildofELOHIM said:

          Dear Skyler:

          There are possibly over 3,000,000 “religions” in the world!! Why do you think that the one that you have made-up will provide for your entrance into the Kingdom??!!

          Also, as you know, I am sure, that even Adolf Hitler had constructed “his” own religion!!

          Slyler, Adolf is not in the Kingdom, either!! Why do you think that you will be any different???!!!

          In response to “your” statement:

          “As a religious person myself, I err on the side of humility and mercy.”

          No, Skyler, you choose to take certain liberties … therefore you simply … “err”!! Just like another individual that thought he would take liberty to construct his own religion … Satan!!!

        • ChildofELOHIM said:

          Dear Skyler:

          One of the worst conceits of Man / Woman is the mistaken notion that GOD does not write books; also, when HE does … no one can / may understand the WORD of GOD!!??

          Skyler, if you continue upon your current path … you should know that that will be “your” testimony before that White Throne Judgement!!

          To “mock” GOD is no excuse for … sin; and even one that HE considers and has stated is an “abomination” to … HIM [Please see the Book of Leviticus]!!!

          Moreover, I do have certain speculations as to what your motive is or what your agenda is!!! However, in any case, it is “not” the things of GOD!!! And I do sincerely continue to feel sorry for you!!

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  7. MikeL said:

    Uh…. Didn’t you just reiterate the exact points Matt Walsh made in his blog a few days ago? Maybe a quick “hey I got this idea from The Matt Walsh Blog” would be appropriate….

    • jaycaruso said:

      I assigned this post to Mike and it was based on a conversation a few of us were having about this particular incident.

      I enjoy reading Matt’s blog, but guess what?

      A. I didn’t see Matt’s blog post until today.
      B. Matt is a great blogger but he’s not the only writer on the planet
      C. This would not be the first time two different sites wrote about similar topics with the same theme.


  8. Brian Lehman said:

    If you want these tactics to stop working, the right needs to stop validating the preconceptions. The tactics only work because the right uses terms like “homosexual agenda” without thinking of how that is interpreted. I don’t think you hate gays at all, so stop portraying them as some insidious force. If you stop giving the left ammo, the attacks will fall flat. And as a side effect, you will gain allies when you fight for religious liberties.

  9. Anna said:

    Mike, some of the phrasing you use completely undermines your point. I’m totally with you about the Left marketing things a certain way to suit an agenda, but it seems you’re doing the same thing with terms like “normalizing homosexuality” and “sexual Marxism”. You completely lost me with those.

    And by some of the other comments on here, I can see that the Right is just as willing to buy into propaganda if it suits their own agenda.

    From a comment:

    “Heterosexual AIDS epidemic? Not in America.”

    Uhh. Yeah, there is. I’ve seen friends and family members die from the disease, and they weren’t gay. AIDS doesn’t discriminate against people based on sexuality.

    “Even in “committed” relationships, gay men have numerous outside partners.”

    I’m sure some of them do. But so do straight men. And gay women. And straight women. People cheat sometimes, regardless of their orientation, so why is that even pertinent to the conversation?

    It’s things like this that are turning people against social conservatives on this issue.

    This article could’ve been a really powerful statement against the misuse of information to suit an agenda, but instead it became the very thing it started out being against.

    • Kevdev said:

      Just because you know someone who died of something, does not make it an epidemic.

        • Blair said:

          Interesting that by far the biggest category of AIDS infections comes under the transmission category of “Male-to-male sexual contact” then. Totally undermines any claim you are making about HIV affecting everyone equally…

        • Anna said:

          And the next highest category is through “heterosexual contact” (13,000+), not exactly something to scoff at.

          And yes, the number is lower than the male-male contact category for the simple fact that condoms are less likely to be used when pregnancy isn’t on the table, thus the increase in the spread of the disease.

          The fact that one number is higher than the other doesn’t undermine my point at all: Over 1,000,000 people in the country living with a disease certainly sounds like something to be concerned about. But maybe that’s just me.

        • Blair said:

          Yes, but you are ignoring one minor detail: only between 1-2% of the population identifies themselves as being homosexual. If you display the infections based on % of population, the story takes on a whole new aspect, does it not? When 98%+ of the population STILL can’t produce the total number of infections as the 1-2%, you have to admit that this is more than anecdotal evidence of causality and relative risk factor.

        • ChildofELOHIM said:

          Do “you” support so-called ‘sodomite rights’??!!

          If so, why???

    • ChildofELOHIM said:

      Social conservatism is just a poor excuse for not being a “true” Christian!!!

    • Mike Gannon said:

      Hey Anna,

      I think you raise a good point, in that it would perhaps be helpful to define a few of the terms I used.

      1) “Homosexual agenda”: there may be a a more accurate term, but I wasn’t able to think of one that wasn’t unwieldily. I don’t mean “the agenda of homosexuals”, but rather, “the agenda of a range of groups and individuals from across the spectrum of sexual orientations who use the issue of gay rights and SSM specifically as a primary wedge as a way of pushing a particular radical conception of human sexuality, while striving to silence any dissenting voices proffering a different conception”. This by no means covers all gay rights or SSM supporters, but it is undeniably a powerful, well-funded sub-current.

      2) “Normalization of homosexuality”: By this, I didn’t mean the public acknowledgment and acceptance of the fact that their exist many people with same-sex attraction who deserve equal rights and protection from discrimination and cruelty under the law. I mean the push to make homosexuality a normative value in society, i.e. have it be an accepted “fact” in our common culture that “homosexuality is a good thing”, rather than “homosexuality is something about which people disagree”, full stop. The latter is truly pluralistic, while the former is ideological tyranny.

      3) “Sexual Marxism”: the tactic of the Left to divide people on the lines of gender and sexuality. “Gay-friendly vs. anti-gay bigots”, “pro-women’s health vs. anti-contraception”, etc. This transcends the issue of SSM and encompasses questions that don’t even touch on homosexuality, but all of these divisions bear the hallmark of the classic Marxian dialectic of “Us vs. Them” which the Left loves to use to divide and conquer.

    • Shawn Smith said:

      “I’m sure some of them do. But so do straight men. And gay women. And straight women. People cheat sometimes, regardless of their orientation, so why is that even pertinent to the conversation?”

      And once again, the lies that homosexual & heterosexual relationships are exactly the same. Yes, some straight people cheat, but not as many and not as much as in homosexual relationships. If you really want to make me, I’ll find you the numbers, but let’s be honest here, you know I’m right.

      Are you aware, by the way, why, in the U.S., AIDS mostly affects gay men? It turns out it’s because of one gay airplane steward whom most straights would call terrifyingly promiscuous and Dan Savage would call “a bit much.” Is he an exception? Probably, but he’s an exception that almost certainly has no parallel among straight people.

  10. Blair said:

    The author should have included Harry Reid’s unfounded attacks on Mitt Romney and the high school prank issue which even the alleged victim decried as completely false. Liberals have no shame making things up in the pursuit of power.

  11. sqeptiq said:

    SSM and other gay rights issues don’t stem from “sexual Marxism”: what a strange and specious term. The avidly Marxist USSR was prudish in its media, official society, and enforcement of social norms, and it faulted the capitalist West for “decadence” and sexual permissiveness. Like Castro’s Cuba for most of its history, it imprisoned gays. The Soviet criminal code termed the offense “men lying with men” (Russian muzhelozhstvo). Nor is support for SSM and other gay rights issues restricted to the left. These issues draw wide support on the libertarian right as well; David Brudnoy advocated gay rights on the pages of National Review as early as the 1970s.

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